Carnbee Owners Association

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Fees & Financial Information

As stated in the Constitution, there are two categories of membership of the Association depending on the builder of the house.
The owners of property built by Beazer Homes are mandatory Members of the Association by the wording of the deeds.  The owners of property built by Walker Homes have no such detail in their deeds, but are invited to be members by resolution at the inaugural meeting of the Association.

Fee letters for year 2020/21 have now been distributed to all properties in the estate, by hand or by email to reduce costs.
The link below allows you to view/download copies of current fee letter and invoice.
2020 Fee Invoice ,

The fee level for this year has been set at  £55.00, and this payment has a due date of 15 January 2021 (this date is set by both the Title Deeds and the Constitution).

Late Payments

This fee is due EVERY year on 15 January

Friday 15 January 2021 – ALL fees should be in the Association’s bank account by this date.
Saturday 16 January 2021 – 14 day notice sent to all non-payers
Wednesday 3 February 2021 – All unpaid fees referred to our Debt Collection Agency for recovery.
Please note this will incur charges for which you will be liable.